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Welcome to the
Market Data Cloud

Power your data and information needs with Barchart OnDemand.

- Use our financial data API with any operating system and programming language.

Web Services.

With web services Barchart OnDemand provides a platform independent solution featuring SOAP, and XML, CSV and JSON formats.


Built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure Barchart OnDemand delivers a truly reliable and scalable cloud-based solution.


With pricing based on your market data usage we offer flexible packages tailored to your specific needs, ranging from small to enterprise solutions.

Amazon web servies: getQuote, getChart, getData, get

Use Barchart OnDemand to:

Power your Applications with Financial Data

As a web services solution, Barchart OnDemand is not tied to any one programming language or operating system. Barchart OnDemand features SOAP or GET/POST, and is compatible with your applications whether you are developing in Java, PHP, ASP.NET or Python, or running Linux, Windows, iOS or Android.

Integrate Financial Content into Websites

With our wide range of financial data APIs and deep sets of data, Barchart OnDemand provides convenient tools to integrate market data and information into your website. Whether you require basic stock market prices, breaking financial news or detailed financial statements, Barchart OnDemand will fulfill your requirements.

Build Mobile Apps for Android & iOS Phones and Tablets

Whether it's a native app, HTML5 or hybrid, Barchart OnDemand can deliver the data you need to build a successful financial mobile app. Through our flexible APIs you can request only the data you require, or even have a custom financial data API built specifically for your needs.

Power Charts and Financial Tools with Market Data

Through our on-demand real-time and historical data, we power third-party charting software with market data received directly from the exchanges. Barchart OnDemand also delivers rich sets of data from custom screens, leaderboards and market overviews.