getEquityOptionsHistory API

Get historical prices for equity option.

Pricing is based on the number of monthly queries and fields requested. We offer four packages: Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise. Contact us for additional details.

API Documentation


symbol (required)
Any valid equity options symbol. (string)

country (optional)
The country in which the options exchange is located. To help distinguish when requesting a dually listed instrument. (string)
Default: US
Example: US

askbid (optional)
Boolean flag field to include ask and bid data in the result. (boolean)
Default: 1

fields (optional)
Additional fields requested. (list)
Example: settlement


symbol (always returned)
A symbol or code that identifies a equities option. (string)
date (always returned)
Price date (date)
open (always returned)
Opening price of the option (double)
high (always returned)
High price of the option (double)
low (always returned)
Low price of the option (double)
close (always returned)
Closing price of the option (double)
volume (always returned)
Volume of the equity option (double)
openInterest (always returned)
Open Interest of the option (double)
trades (always returned)
Number of trades for the option (double)
ask (always returned)
Ask value for the option (double)
askSize (always returned)
Ask size for the option (double)
bid (always returned)
Bid value for the option (double)
bidSize (always returned)
Bid size for the option (double)
settlement (as requested)
The settlement price (double)


200 OK Success
400 Bad Request The request was invalid, please see the message for more information.
500 Internal Server Error Something is not working correctly, please contact support.