getWeather API

The getWeather API provides current conditions and forecasts based on zip code. As well as weather maps based on type or region.

Pricing is based on the number of monthly queries and fields requested. We offer four packages: Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise. Contact us for additional details.

API Documentation


weatherType (optional)
The type of weather requested. Includes: Current Conditions ("CC") and Forecast ("F"). (enum)
Valid values: CC, F, MAP
Default: CC
Example: CC

zipCode (optional)
The zip code of the location as a 5-digit numeric value. (string)
Example: 60606

fields (optional)
The fields requested. (list)
Example: windDirection,windSpeed,humidity,dewpoint,forcastedDay,forcastedPrecipitation

mapType (optional)
The type of map required. (enum)
Valid values: localRadarAnimation, usRadarSatellite, usRadarSatelliteAnimation, todaysWeatherMap, currentWindConditions, todaysPrecipitationAccumulation, dailyPrecipitation, usSoilMoisture, usCurrentTemperatures

mapRegion (optional)
The region of map required. (enum)
Valid values: centralPlains, dakotas, californiaArizona, colorado, deepSouth, delta, farWest, florida, greatBasin, greatLakes, midAtlantic, montana, northEast, ohioValley, pacificNorthwest, rockyMountains, southAtlantic, southPlains, southTexas, southWest

mapWidth (optional)
The width of the map. (int)
Default: 560
Example: 255

mapHeight (optional)
The height of the map. (int)
Default: 440
Example: 220


weatherType (always returned)
The type of weather requested. Includes: Current Conditions ("CC") or Forecast ("F"). (string)
zipCode (always returned)
The zip code of the location. (string)
location (always returned)
The city or town related to the zip code. (string)
currentCondition (always returned)
The descriptive of the current condition. (string)
currentConditionIcon (always returned)
The condition icon's URL. (string)
currentTemperature (always returned)
The current temperature. (string)
currentPressure (always returned)
The current atmospherice pressure in Hg. (string)
feelsLike (always returned)
The current feels like temperature. (string)
windDirection (as requested)
The current wind direction. (string)
windSpeed (as requested)
The current wind speed. (string)
humidity (as requested)
The current level of humidity. (string)
dewpoint (as requested)
The current dewpoint. (string)
forecastedDay (as requested)
The name of the day of the week forecasted. (string)
forcastedPrecipitation (as requested)
The amount of forecasted precipitation in inches. (string)
chancePrecipitationDay (as requested)
The daytime chance of precipitation. (string)
chancePrecipitationNight (as requested)
The nighttime chance of precipitation. (string)
windchill (as requested)
The forecasted windchill temperature. (string)
dewFrostWeight (as requested)
The dew/frost weight. (string)
hoursSun (as requested)
The hours of sunlight for today. (string)
soilMoisture (as requested)
The current soil moisture. (string)
evaporation (as requested)
The current level of evaporation. (string)
dryingIndex (as requested)
The current drying index. (string)
solarRadiation (as requested)
The current level of solar radiation. (string)
livestockSafteyIndex (as requested)
The current livestock safety index. (string)
cumulativeHDD (as requested)
The cumulative heating degree days. (string)
cumulativeGDD (as requested)
The cumulative growing degree days. (string)
forecastDayCondition (as requested)
A descriptive of the weather forecasted for the day. (string)
forecastDayConditionIcon (as requested)
The condition icon's URL. (string)
forecastNightCondition (as requested)
A descriptive of the weather forecasted for the night. (string)
forecastNightConditionIcon (as requested)
The condition icon's URL. (string)
forecastHighTemperature (as requested)
The forecasted high temperature for the day. (string)
forecastLowTemperature (as requested)
The forecasted low temperature for the day. (string)
mapRegion (always returned)
The map region. (string)
mapType (always returned)
The map type. (string)
mapUrl (always returned)
The map image's URL. (string)


200 OK Success
400 Bad Request The request was invalid, please see the message for more information.
500 Internal Server Error Something is not working correctly, please contact support.