FinTech Speakers


FTX16 Speakers To Talk About Innovations, Challenges & More

March 7, 2016 —The strong line-up of speakers for this year's FinTech Exchange will feature veterans and newcomers alike, who will share the innovations they've developed, the challenges they've faced, both problems and solutions, as they continue to lead in the fintech space. Read about some of the topics to be presented…  Read more >

FinTech Exchange 2016

FinTech Exchange Conference Set for April 21, 2016 in Chicago

January 28, 2016 —Today, Barchart, a leading provider of market data and financial technology solutions, announced FinTech Exchange 2016, its second annual event in Chicago focused on financial technology, and the financial markets and trading. Following a sold-out inaugural event in 2015, the 2016 event on April 21 will focus on the convergence of financial markets, trading and technology.…  Read more >

2015 FinTech Review (Part 2)

2015 FinTech Review (Part 2)

January 11, 2016 —FinTech Exchange 2015: On April 23rd of this year, Barchart OnDemand hosted the sold out FinTech Exchange 2015, the inaugural Chicago-based event for fintech innovations and emerging technologies. Keynote speakers for the event included some of the industry's biggest names: Amazon Web Services, CME Group and IBM Watson, as well as fast-paced lightning rounds from  Read more >

2015 FinTech Review (Part 1)

2015 FinTech Review (Part 1)

January 4, 2016 —2015 has, unsurprisingly, been a very successful year for the financial technology industry. From big investment rounds, events, technology advancements and products, FinTech wrapped up 2015 strong and is forging a path for a successful year in 2016. Here is a recap telling you everything you need to know:  Read more >

FinTech Investments Rising

Financial Technology in Chicago: The Major Players and New Opportunities

October 7, 2015 —In recent years, financial technology has played an increasingly vital role in the new, blended worlds of finance and technology. These industries are crossing paths, as growth in cloud computing and data analytics gains momentum. While New York has traditionally been known as the financial hub of the United States, and Silicon Valley the dominant region in technology, Chicago is quickly taking a leadership role in the world of financial technology.  Read more >

FinTech Investments Rising

FinTech Investments Continue to Rise

September 22, 2015 —With only a few weeks separating us from Q4, global investments within the FinTech industry are already exceeding expectations for this year. It's definitely not a surprise that the FinTech industry is growing at a fast pace.  Read more >

Up and Coming FinTech StartUps

Up and Coming FinTech Startups: Summer 2015

August 11, 2015 —2015 has been a big year so far for FinTech. From events, to hot new startups, FinTech is growing exponentially. We've compiled this list of newer startups from this summer that we think you should keep an eye on!
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Fin Data Explained

Guide to Level 1 and Level 2 Financial Market Data

July 28, 2015 —If you are new to the financial industry or looking to learn more about it, financial market data may seem like an intimidating topic to tackle. So we've created a guide to introduce you to market data basics so you can see that it's not as difficult to understand as you might think!
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Promote Your API

How to Promote Your API

July 13, 2015 —Offering an API is a great way for a company to receive free promotions, sales, and spark innovation. It also allows your business to grow organically with the help of third party developers and entrepreneurs. APIs grant easy access to what you have to offer with just a few simple integrations. Below are some simple API marketing strategies to help you get your API in front of those developers, and entrepreneurs.
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FinTech in NY

FinTech in New York

July 3, 2015 —When most people think of finance, they immediately think of the city where it all began, New York. From Wall Street to the New York Stock Exchange, New York draws college graduates near and far who are trying to land a position within finance. But now there's a new trend within the industry that isn’t just appealing to graduates with a finance degree.
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FinTech in Chicago

FinTech Firms in Chicago You Should Know

July 2, 2015 —Chicago is booming with tech, and in a city that is known for being at the center of the financial industry, we have seen a major increase in FinTech firms in the area. For those of you who don’t know, FinTech is a new buzzword being talked about a lot lately and it refers to Financial Technology. Whether in the form of a mobile app, investing platform or analytics program.
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FinTech Glossary

FinTech Glossary

July 1, 2015 —Cloud-based. Blockchain. Robo-Advisor. You've heard these and other terms in relation to FinTech, and they're being included in more office conversations throughout many industries. Need to know what some of these terms mean? View or download this handy FinTech Glossary, which includes quick definitions for 30+ key words and phrases — and see examples of these terms in action… Read more >