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FTX16 Speakers To Talk About Innovations, Challenges & More

The strong line-up of speakers for this year's FinTech Exchange will feature veterans and newcomers alike, who will share the innovations they've developed, the challenges they've faced, both problems and solutions, as they continue to lead in the fintech space. Read about some of the topics to be presented:

Trading Technologies

How do you get a 20-year-old software company thinking like a FinTech startup? After more than 20 years in business, it became clear electronic trading platform provider Trading Technologies (TT) was in need of an overhaul. TT was fintech before fintech was a moniker, and though once a trendsetter, the Chicago-based global company had fallen into a common trap, partly due to rapid global expansion, becoming big, stiff and slow to innovate. In this presentation by CMO Brian Mehta, learn how TT is reinventing itself from the inside out and get actionable takeaways you can apply to your business. @Trading_Tech   @brianmehta

Narrative Science

A Wall Street Journal article recently asked, "Can you Tell the Difference Between a Robot and a Stock Analyst?", referring to Narrative Science's Advanced Natural Language Generation platform, Quill, and its ability to transform data into narrative reports. Product Manager Kim Neuwirth, CFA, will explain how financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and American Century Investments are utilizing Quill to improve operational efficiencies, increase client engagement, and meet regulatory compliance, all through the power of data-driven narratives. @narrativesci   @kimneuwirth

GX2 Systems

GX2 Systems, LLC is focused on providing the most efficient method of spread execution services in global electronic markets. President and CEO David Jaberg will detail GX2's flagship offering, ExMode, a fully hosted execution platform for customized spreads of multiproduct relative value relationships. Users' strategies may consist of cross-exchange, cross-asset class products. Orders are executed precisely at the limit price of the spread level, always in balance, and free from any legging risk.


Grant Pollworth, from eSentire, will talk about "the security breach tsunami": why technology alone cannot stop the the security issues businesses are facing, and how a reversion to more human-based analysis and process improvement has been effective. What are regulatory bodies actually looking for and what can business do to be prepared? Grant will also address the shift in national consciousness around breach mitigation and investigation to breach prevention.  @eSentire

FinTech Sandbox

Executive Director Jean Donnelly will talk about FinTech Sandbox, a non-profit that provides streamlined access to a broad range of financial data, enabling entrepreneurs to develop and test their applications faster, more cost-efficiently, and to higher quality standards. The organization has assisted over 35 FinTech startups in Boston, NYC, San Francisco, London and now Chicago in gaining access to premium data sets from over 24 data providers. AlphaStreet, a FinTech Sandbox success story, will also be presenting.  @FinTechSandbox   @_AlphaStreet


The conversation about binary options has changed dramatically. Just a few years ago, the question was "Binary Options, what are they?" Today, these contracts are rapidly gaining widespread popularity with traders worldwide due to their unique benefits.

Tim McDermott, CEO of the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex), will discuss the current landscape and outlook for binary options, why these simple contracts are so important for individual traders, and how this is creating growth opportunities for people and firms at all levels of the financial community.  @Nadex_US


SourceHOV|Tax is the financial services industry's premier R&D tax credit consulting boutique.  Since 2009, we have advised many of the world's most innovative developers of fintech on federal R&D tax credits for the development of their proprietary trading technologies (algos, software, hardware, microwave and laser networks). Federal R&D tax credits can be used to improve a corporation’s cash flow, or in a flow-through entity, reduce owner's personal income taxes.

Presenting will be Louis Riley, a former prop trader, quant, hedge fund founder and general partner, and portfolio manager with over 28 years on the sell-side and buy-side and almost seven years at SourceHOV|Tax, and his partner, Moi Romero, who has over 15 years of dedicated R&D tax credit consulting experience with the Big Four and SourceHOV|Tax.

Louis and Moi's client references in Chicago include Aardvark Trading/TransMarket, Barchart, CBOE, Consolidated Trading, GETCO, Jump Trading, Ronin Capital, TransMarket, Teza Technologies, and Wolverine. They also advise five Forbes 400 members who own and founded several of the world’s largest quant hedge funds in NY and CT.  Louis and Moi have advised more trading firms than all of the Big Four.

Louis and Moi will explain the federal R&D tax credit and its significant cash-tax savings for owners, CFOs, and developers from asset management, exchange/ATS/ECN, B/Ds, HFs, HFT, network providers, prop, quant, and product software firms. @SourceHOV

Alpaca AI

Alpaca is a VC-backed Silicon Valley tech startup that helps individual financial traders build automated trading systems. Co-founder and CEO Yoshi Yokokawa will talk about how using deep learning can expand a platform to be an algo-trading marketplace. ​ This Spring, Alpaca will launch its first mobile app, Capitalico, supported by veterans in AI, database analysis and finance. @AlpacaHQ   @_yoshyoshi


Wall Street's demand for alternative data is growing rapidly. From tiny startups to massive Fortune 500 multinationals, companies are cashing in on this demand. Co-founder and CEO Tammer Kamel will explore the types of alternative data being used by the finance industry, where that data can be found, and opportunities this new market creates for investors and entrepreneurs. @quandl


Artificial Intelligence is all around us—from our social media news feeds and online shopping suggestions to the targeted ads incorporated into our search results. Join Neurensic CTO Zachary Watts for a brief discussion about how Neurensic has evolved its surveillance methodology into a self-adaptive AI framework that is bringing clarity to disruptive trading practices. @neurensic

Markets Tech

FinTech Popcorn. One friend told me popcorn always smells good, even when you’re full. Another claimed it is just empty calories better spent elsewhere. Where is the right balance in that spectrum as it relates to FinTech? MarketsTech founder and CEO Adam Honoré will explain. @adhonore

Alpha Street

Building wealth is one of the most important responsibilities for an individual. Investing in equities has been one of the most reliable ways to get strong ROI. Despite all this, the number of Americans doing so is shrinking. Why is this such a problem? How can it be solved? In this presentation by AlphaStreet CEO Vishnu Beri, hear how Fintech Sandbox helped AlphaStreet, and how AlphaStreet is working to change this mindset, so people can build wealth through investing and become financially independent. @_AlphaStreet

CBOC Livevol

As the volume and velocity of market data grows, so does the need for new ways to identify the highest quality information from this ever-expanding data universe. Catherine Clay, VP of Business Development for CBOE Livevol, will talk about advanced proprietary technology and processes for taking on the big data challenge. CBOE Livevol delivers custom, targeted data and analytics that serve the specific and unique needs of their clients. @cboe


Is it FinTech or AgTech? By now, you've heard a lot about "FinTech".  But, how about "AgTech"?  A lot has changed in the agricultural industry over the past few years, from innovations in GPS-guided tractors and big data weather gathering to satellite-based crop yield models and new farm management tools.  But, some things have remained the same, and inefficient, like how farmers sell their grain.  Listen in as Barchart Managing Director Mark Haraburda explains how their new marketplace for farmers and grain buyers, www.grains.com, is working to transform physical grain trading. In addition, Barchart President Eero Pikat will share some of the technology behind this innovative platform. @barchart

Evident IO

Governance, Compliance and Incident Response for Financial Services on AWS. Learn how financial services technology operations groups are leveraging security automation. Security automation saves time needed for auditing, helps with managing governance and compliance, responding to incidents faster, managing insider threats, and decreasing security risks. By collecting and analyzing big data, companies can gain situational awareness, minimizing attack surface and managing risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

By lowering the time to detection and time to remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities across all AWS services, teams can realize improved security hygiene and lower information security risks around potential data breaches. In this presentation, Justin Lundy, CTO, will share lessons learned and demonstrate the effectiveness of these strategies for the financial services industry. @evident.io

Rival Systems

Launched in 2015, Chicago-based Rival Systems offers a comprehensive suite of derivatives trading and risk management applications that empower professional traders with the technology and resources required to compete in today's markets. CEO Robert D'Arco will discuss how technology has changed the competitive landscape for derivatives traders since he first started in the industry 13 years ago, and how Rival's speed, innovative features, and expert support allows traders to stay ahead of the competition. @RivalSystems

Google Cloud Platform

Financial Services organizations are realizing the business agility that cloud computing enables. Google Cloud Platform's integrated services, speed, and infinite scale brings to the table a new set of tools for Technicians and Quants alike to accelerate financial data analysis. Get to the meaning faster—Google Cloud Platform can increase your ability to respond dynamically to the increase in volume, variety, and velocity of data. @googlecloud

Cantor Exchange

Looking at the future of binary options in the United States, Rich Jaycobs, President of Cantor Exchange, will be talking about how this simple financial product can appeal to traders of all experience levels and where Cantor Exchange fits into this rapidly growing market. Introducing Cantor Exchange's Independent Software Vendor (ISV) business model, Rich will describe how this unique paradigm has the potential to bring a wide variety of financial and technology firms to the growing binary options market. With exciting new innovations and products on the horizon, Rich will also touch on what people can expect from Cantor Exchange in 2016. @CXMarkets

To view the event program, register or to learn more, please visit www.fintechchicago.com.

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