getScreener API

The getScreener API provides the ability to screen for stocks, index, mutual fund, ETF or futures instruments that meet a custom set of criteria.

Pricing is based on the number of monthly queries and fields requested. We offer four packages: Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise. Contact us for additional details.

API Documentation


screenType (required)
The criteria the screen is based on, includes: Quote, Fundamentals, Technicals, Profile, Opinion or Index Groups.
quoteType (optional)
The type of quote the screen is based on, includes: Price, Change, Liquidity and Highs/Lows.
fundamentalsType (optional)
The type of fundamentals the screen is based on, includes: Valuation, Growth, Dividends, Key Ratios, Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
technicalsType (optional)
The type of technicals the screen is based on, includes: Moving Average, Average Volume, Raw Stochastic, Stochastic %K, Stochastic %D, True Range, Relative Strength, Percent R, Historic Volatility, MACD Oscillator, Weighted Alpha and Standard Deviation.
profileType (optional)
The profile type the screen is based on, includes: Sector, Name and Exchanges.
opinionType (optional)
The opinion type the screen is based on, includes: Overall Strength, Overall Direction, Overall Averages and Indicators.
indexGroupType (optional)
Major market indices a stock is part of.
compareToType (optional)
The type of comparison for the screen, either Compare to Value or Compare to Field.


symbol(s) (always returned)
A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. (string)
lastPrice (always returned)
The last traded price for the instrument.
"criteria value(s)" (always returned)
The values resulting from the screen criteria.


200 OK Success
400 Bad Request The request was invalid, please see the message for more information.
500 Internal Server Error Something is not working correctly, please contact support.